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it's stuff like this that freaks me out


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Someone just posted this in the results survey, re: Ryerson's PhD Policy Studies:

Canadian, 3.77/4 GPA Masters, gov't work experience. Told to consider other offers at this point.

I hope whoever wrote that replies to this thread, because I would love to know more about their application. It sounds very strong, and I assume their LoRs were strong, so the only reason for the rejection (that I can think of) would be the fit re: research interests.

Because otherwise I really don't understand it.

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It's hard to really gauge those stats and what unis are looking for. My GRE scores were not great but I got accepted with full funding and stipend, and into a T1 school. As you said, fit makes a world of difference too: the interest of the POI (or lack thereof) and whatever rapport you might have built up with them via emails/phone calls...

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Hi, that was me who posted.

Some background - I sent in my application about 2 weeks after the initial deadline. The coordinator let me know that since I was past the deadline, my application would be considered after those who were applied first. I assume the first batch of applicants were quite strong, so my application was never considered.

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