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Am I Making the Right Choice?


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I was lucky enough to get accepted to all the schools I applied to (Simmons, BC, Fordham, Columbia). I chose Simmons. It was a tough choice to make, because for a long time I was really set on getting out of Boston. The more I weighed my options, the more I began to believe that grad school is not the right time to move to new york. I'd rather move there when I have a salary versus being a student, when life will be high stress. I think (and hope) I will be happier in Boston. Simmons is a small program with a strong clinical focus and a lot of personalized attention, it has summer study abroad programs in spanish speaking countries, and it offered me a generous scholarship. I get to stay in my cheap apartment with my boyfriend and awesome roommates and have a field placement interview coming up at a school pretty close to where I live. Recently however, I talked to one of my parents who thought I was making a big mistake by not going to Columbia, and felt that I was going to regret this decision. It scared me... am I doing the right thing? I know there is no right or wrong choice... but I can't help but worry that I will make a choice and realize that I made a huge mistake.

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