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Deadline Today: 1/2 tuition scholarship for 2 yrs UM vs. full tuition scholarship at IU

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Thanks for reading!

I've been offered a full tuition scholarship at Indiana University, Bloomington, for fall 12-13, with a paid position in the library to cover rent. After that (assuming they do not offer me further aid, which they may), in state tuition goes down to roughly 7k a year.

Michigan Ann Arbor just offered me 1/2 tuition for two years (the length of the program), which would equate to about $19k for year one, and $10k for year two.

UM is supposedly the better of the two for library science. I am already 40k in debt from undergrad, and the advice I have received is "go where the money is." I figure it might be a no brainer, but am hoping for more informed opinions than mine.

Best Regards,


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Indiana seems like the best option, from what I saw online it seems that their program rankings are rather close. Plus you'll have the job in Indiana. I know that UM has more prestige but will it be worth the extra the extra debt? Is UM guaranteed to get you to closer to your overall goal anymore that Indiana would? Consider looking up some of the Alumni on LinkedIn.com.

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