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Info about the upcoming term

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Hey all,

Longtime lurker here--first just wanted to say thanks for all the information I've been able to mine from these discussions. Anyways, I was wondering when you all expect to get more info from the program you've committed to. I know some schools are still trying to finalize their cohorts through waitlists (and many students accepted off of waitlists don't have a hard deadline to respond)--but I'd like to know when I can start asking my new colleagues about rooming, renting, etc.


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Some schools have a means for finding roommates. Check your program's residence life/housing website. My school has a board to post contact info to look for other grad roommates (from all departments). Also, ask your program director if he/she can put you in touch with a current grad student, as they have great info about the best areas to live, transportation concerns, etc.

Also, I recommend http://www.city-data.com/ for learning more about your area in terms of neighborhoods and tons of statistical/demographic info. It's especially good for larger cities, but plenty of smaller ones are in the database. Also, I'd peruse Craigslist for apartment complex names, people with rooms for rent. If nothing else, it will give you an idea for budgeting.

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