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I am applying for Graduate program in Sports Management. However, have been unable to shortlist the best univesities for this program. Following are the names I have come up wtih:

1) Umass Amherst

2) Florida State University

3) Northwestern

4) Ohio

Also would request if someone can guid me for alternative programs that do not have requirements such as biology or kiniseology for coaching.

Zohair Hassan

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My best friend is about to graduate from the sports management MBA program at Ohio University this year. It has a great reputation for their sports management program. He was able to get an assistantship that covered his tuition and pay a small stipend for living expenses (which is a plus). However, you are contracted to not work any place else so you have to make it work off of that stipend. As far as I know, he enjoyed the program and is not looking for job opportunities. It looks like all the schools on your list are good ones. I also know down here Florida Atlantic University has a sports management MBA program. I saw some information about it when I was visiting the campus. Not sure about the requirements, but it would be worth looking into. Hope that helps!

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