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William and Mary MPP

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I've started looking at MPP programs for Fall 2013, and I plan to apply to some of the regulars: Trachtenberg, Sanford, Ford, GSPP, and GPPI. I'm mainly interested in education policy and majored in econ with a minor in sociology. I graduate in May and will start working for a small advocacy nonprofit in DC. But then after a year of working I want to go back for my MPP. I'm trying to find other MPP programs around the DC area or at least in the mid Atlantic. I'll probably apply to GSPP because I think the program would be a good fit, but I'd prefer to stick to the east coast. I know William and Mary has a small MPP program but I cant really find anything on here about it.

Anybody know anything about W&M? Good things, bad things, whatever.. It seems like it has some focus on quant analysis which I like. And it's small which I like coming from a small liberal arts college. I know W&M undergrad is a great school but don't know anything about their MPP?

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