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Transcript trouble


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Hi guys,

A weird situation: I come from a place where we use mark-sheets for evaluation, not transcripts. While applying to an international school, I requested my school to provide me a transcript & surprisingly, they issued me one. The transcript contained info about my university & course as well. But it seemed like the information was from 6 years back. Since I was running out of time for the applications, I decided to send it as it was. More importantly, it's kinda like a tradition here to not have things up-to-date (specially things like a transcript which is not issued regularly) so, I know that if I would've raised the issue, they either won't have listened or would've taken another month to update it. But! Our school got a new registrar recently and unlike the earlier ones, is quite particular about his work. So, of course, he updated the info on the transcript. Now the problem is, I got into this international school & have to send official transcript (they asked for an electronic copy during application). So, if I send the new one now, do you think the change in information will affect my admission or my scholarship? The changes on the new one are: substantial increase in no. of institutes, students & research centers under the university & decrease in mandatory course hours in first 2 semesters. Of course my score and grades are the same. Any insight on what the admission committee looks at in your transcript would be appreciated.

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Courses and grades are the same then you should be A-ok. I think you would only run into problems if you had misrepresented yourself in your application or provided otherwise false information that this new transcript would show for a lie.

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