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Switching into CS...possible?

Anonymous Coward

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Sorry for double-posting this; wasn't sure which board to post it in.

I'm already a grad student, in an interdisciplinary program that combines machine learning, neuroscience, computational linguistics, and experimental psychology. I've realized during my time here, though, that machine learning is my true passion, independent of cognitive applications, and unfortunately I feel that the machine learning faculty in my own department are too narrow in their focus. Also, my mother's health has deteriorated to the point where I would really like to return to the Northeast and help take care of her.

Here are my stats:

2nd-year PhD student, GPA 3.93 ... the CS dept here is top 15, for what it's worth

GRE: 800M/800V/4.5W

Undergrad: Econ/Math major at Ivy, GPA 3.7

Publications: Second author on an article published in Science in the past year applying machine learning methods to neuroscientific data, second author on another paper in a very low-impact journal

Grad Coursework:

-two Foundations of AI courses in the CS department

-Information Theory course in the EE department

-Course on unsupervised learning/dimensionality reduction course in the CS department

-Course on computational neurobiology

-Course on semi-supervised learning

-Currently taking convex optimization and stochastic processes courses

Interests: Unsupervised learning, semantic modeling, neuroinformatics

What sort of schools should I aim for in the Northeast? Would it be possible for me to switch into CS or do I need more foundational CS courses?

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