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Latin American Studies 2013

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Hi everyone,

I am graduating this May and after taking a year off to work I would like to pursue an MA in Latin American Studies beginning in the Fall of 2013. As of right now the programs on my radar are the following...

1. Columbia

2. NYU

3. Georgetown

4. Vanderbilt

5. Tulane

6. Chicago

I know I have plenty of time before application deadlines and so forth but I just wanted to see if any of you have any experience with any of the programs that I listed and if you could share any advice you might have with me. I am particularly interested in economic development. Does anyone know how difficult it is to receive funding including stipends or fellowships from these programs? Which programs are considered to be the best/most prestigious? I'm still very early on in the application process so any info you have would be great.

Thanks a lot

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I majored (undergrad) in Latin American Studies at Tulane, and their grad students have it made. Generous stipends. I think if you get in you automatically get a stipend (you should double check though).

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Hi there,


I, too, am interested in applying to graduate programs for Latin American Studies--in particular at UT Austin, Vanderbilt, or Tulane. I am from Louisiana, and after taking time away from my home state for undergraduate study, I am interested in returning and would love to be in New Orleans. Assistantships and other funding are definitely things I will be interested in.


If anyone has completed, or is in the process of earning, their Masters or Phd in Latin American Studies at Tulane, what advice can you give about the program organization, courses, professors, or difficulty? Also, how common is it to receive funding there?


I majored in International Affairs, minored in Spanish, and earned a certificate in Latin American Studies during my undergraduate career, so I have a demonstrated interest in Latin American Studies that I want to continue at the graduate level (whether or not that weighs heavily in my application is unknown to me).


Any advice about LAS graduate programs would be helpful. Thanks!

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