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doing MSc at same school as undergrad


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Hey guys,

Recently I was accepted to do my masters at the same university I did my BSc at. The prof is the same who Ive been working with for ~2 years, and the funding package is great.

I hear from alot of people its kind of "looked down upon" to do grad school at the same place where you did your undergrad. My thoughts are different, I thought it would be good for me to stick around here and get this perspective on research before heading elsewhere in a few years to pursue a Phd.

For me, I think its a really good fit, Im comfortable where Im living, I like the project and like I mentioned, financially its the best option. Do you guys think this will look bad for me in the future? I know obviously too many degrees from the same place wouldnt be beneficial, and I am not going to want to stay here for Phd work....

Anyway what do you guys think, should I jump at offers from other schools?????

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If this is for your Master's degree and you plan on getting a PhD somewhere else, I don't think there is a problem staying. The advice about not staying for grad school is mostly for people doing their BS and PhD at the same place. Then, when they look for jobs they have only been at one institution. As long as you plan to move on, I think you will be fine.

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Because you are calling it "BSc" and "MSc" (instead of BS and MS) and you are talking about a funded masters program, it sounds like you are in a Canadian school? If so, the stigma of staying in the same place in Canada is less than in the US. I think it's because there are much fewer options for Canadians who are staying in Canada. I had asked my BSc supervisor about this too and he said it's really common for students to stay at the same school for their MSc (if it's a good research fit, as it is in your case) and go elsewhere for a PhD -- these students won't be at any disadvantage to those who go to another school for MSc and PhD.

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