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MSW: csula or sdsu&stipend


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I have a TOUGH situation! I have been accepted and granted the Title IV stipend at SDSU for the Child Welfare MSW. However, I got the acceptance forCSULA today for Families and Aging. I really wanted to go to LA but now I'm torn because of the stipend! Either I choose a better program (LA) OR go to a not so good program but receive the stipend (SDSU). Also, I have been looking into the PPS credential and LA doesnt offer this, however SD does. I Know LA is the place to work and am TOO torn for this, and my intent for LA is due May 6! AHHHHH HELPPPPPPPPPP PLEASE!!! advice on schools, stipends, etc. Thank you!

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Wow, that is a tough decision. A couple of questions:

1. I know there are stipends also at CSULA - did you apply to any of these? I think there are some stipends where you could apply your second year, you could consider doing that?

2. Where did you hear that SDSU is a "not so good school?"

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