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Need advice: MEng in Aerospace Engineering at McGill or MS in ECE at University of Alberta?


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Hi everyone. I'd like to post a question concerning two canadian universities. (Oh no...the canuks)

I have admission from University of Alberta on a thesis master in the department of electrical and computer engineering. The program is funded and the research will be on robotics. On the other hand, I have admission in MEng aerospace program from McGill University. The program is non-thesis, so not funded. Personally I'm interested in mechatronics (undergrad degree in mechanical engineering), and in both programs I can do work on it (robotics obviously and in aerospace there is a specialization in avionics and control). So basically I'm interested in both programs. The only considerationI have at the moment is the employment possibilities in Canada after the degree.

The aerospace MEng program has a close relation with industry, since an internship is incorporated into the program and Quebec has a very strong aerospace industry. The disadvantage however, is that I am a foreign national (Chinese) and I fear that there may be disadvantages related to my foreign status in job hunting (particularly in aerospace industry). On the other hand, the ECE MS program in University of Alberta offers a more generalist degree and therefore I'll not be confined to one particular industry. As a foreign national I guess this is more advantageous. But since the MS program is a research based program and very academic, there is no industrial involvement and I wonder what the job perspectives are in that regard.

As you can see I'm really having a hard time making a decision. If you can give me any advice, whether on decision making or on the perspective that I have not considered but should have, I'll be very very grateful :)


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