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GSU Moving Images Study- Should i enroll or reapply next year!?

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So, I got accepted to two unis. U of Denver in PhD, but they can't give me any money so that is no longer an option. Also got accepted to GSU (MA) moving images studies. They are giving me a full tuition waiver and a stipend which doesn't really cover living expenses and i will have to figure out ways to supplement that stipend which is tough given the fact that i am an international student. Anyone have any idea on GSU's moving image program? Please let me know. I am trying to figure out if i should accept the offer or reapply next year to other schools. I currently work part-time and although the job is great i have basically gotten everything that i could get out of it. i could look for other job opportunities but my options are limited again because of my immigration status. I am ready to go back to school but is GSU it!?

Thoughts, advice please!!

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