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MA in Political Science vs. MPP/MPA Jobs?

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I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I've had my mind set on an MPP/MPA for a while, but am beginning to reconsider. I'm not sure I'd enjoy the classes of an MPP program as much as I would a political science program, which would have a more theoretical foundation. On the other hand, I'm concerned I'd be permanently unemployed with an MA in Political Science, rather than the "professional" MPP degree.

Does anyone have any experience with this dilemma? What differentiates the two in terms of employment prospects? Anything?

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I have been accepted to several mpp/mpa programs. My feeling from my research and conversations is that the major differenece between an mpp/mpa and a ma in poli sci is that the mpp/mpas are professional degree and at least partially focused on applied skills, including such things as public finance or public management. The MA in my view would be not produce the employment options that the mpa/mpp would.

However, if you are set on going into academics then maybe the ma is a better route.

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