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I am considering going back to school for a Ph.D. in theatre. I want to teach theatre at the college level and because I am genuinely interested in the scholastic pursuit.

I am not traditional student. I graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in theatre. Earned a BGS in philosophy from Kansas University, an MA from University of Missouri, Kansas City in Secondary Education, and for the past thirteen years I have been teaching English and drama at the high school level. I've been an Education Director of a community theatre in Topeka, Kansas, and I've worked professionally around the US as an actor.

I earned a 4.0 with the MA. Taking GRE in June--hoping for high score . I think I have a good statement of purpose--determinism and theatre aesthetics. (Of course, I could be wrong about that.)

I'm wondering how high I should try to fly. Do I need to try for the Cornell's and the Yales or can I be content with Kansas or Missouri University? I have investigated the programs, and they do have people that I would enjoy working with--and I have connections at KU, but is anything less than the best of the best good enough these days, even if all I want is to teach at a small college somewhere.

Bascially, I'm just trying to get the lay of the land. I am under no delusions of granduer, here. But, I honestly don't know what makes a top notch candidate these days. Or, do i need to be a top-notch candidate?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. The central question is, If my goal is to teach theatre at a small college, one that has a TD prefereably and I don't have to direct every production, what do I need to do?

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