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PhD program with faculty strength in 19th/20th century German/Austrian Catholicism?


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I am starting an MA within this topic and, this fall, I will probably be applying to PhD programs. My undergraduate GPA is an A-, as is my GPA in History courses. I am taking the GRE in about two months, so I do not yet know my score.

In terms of location, I am willing to go anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

From my own research into different programs, I have found that UC Berkeley, U Minnesota (Twin Cities), University of Chicago, Vanderbilt and Harvard all seem to have faculty with an interest in what I wish to study. The problem is that getting into most of these schools seems like a long shot.

Is there any point in even applying, for example, to Harvard or University of Chicago? Have I missed any programs with faculty strength in my area, particularly any programs that are not as "intimidating."?

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