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Chemistry BA to MS in Mech E. How do I maximize my chances?


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Hey everyone,

Here is the situation: I started a Ph.D. program in Chemistry at Caltech, but quickly realized that chemistry is not for me. I have decided to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, but I think I have a number of hurdles to overcome. First, I don't have a significant background in math or physics. Second, I have no background in mechanical engineering. I think I have one solid letter of recommendation and two that are pretty good, although none are related to ME.

To help remedy this I signed up for summer courses: multivariable calc I, differential equations, and vector statics (a ME course). My GPA is about 3.6 from both undergrad and Caltech. I scored a 1560 on the GRE (800 quant.). I plan on continuing my coursework at a local community college after summer has ended.

What can I do to increase my chances of being accepted? What do Mech E programs look for that I may have overlooked?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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