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I'm planning on attending a conference in my hometown in about a month (just for fun, I'm not presenting or anything) but when I was about to fill out the registration, I realized that I don't actually know what my affiliation is anymore. I graduated from undergrad a week ago, and am starting at a different school in the fall.

So--do I list my undergrad or grad school? Both? Neither? I don't really feel like either is completely accurate at this point!

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It does not matter in the slightest. If I were you, I would list the program you are entering, but there is certainly no propriety dillema.

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It's up to you! No one will really care though, except it might be a conversation starter if someone reads your nametag. Since you're not presenting, it really isn't a big deal though. Listing your new school will help people who do meet you connect your name to your new place though :) Or you can leave it blank too!

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