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MA, MS, or MBA in Sports Management?


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and have been investigating like a mad woman to get as much information about any sports management graduate programs that are out there. I've looked into the University of San Francisco's program as well as the University of Oregon's, but I'm wondering if anyone has some information on other programs that are worth looking into.

Do any of you go to grad school for sports management? What did you do before grad school to get in? How strenuous was the application process? Money-wise, how far into my old wrinkly years will I be paying the government for the loans I took out for this program? Haha.

If anyone has any good, useful information about Sports Management I'd really appreciate it. I need all the help I can get!

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Well, this seems late, I was looking for these programs too, but since other people might look at forums for references, I might as well post something I know or saw from the schools' websites.

I live in California, so I know Cal State Long Beach has a MA in Kinesiology with a Sports Management Concentration. It requires a Bachelor's with GPA 2.75, and a GRE of 290 (145+145+3.5 writing). It's 18 months with 500 hrs internship.

San Diego State has an MBA in Sports, it requires Bachelor's with GPA 3.0, and it needs GRE/GMAT. It's 18 months, of which 4-6 months is internship. It is said that it's the only Sports MBA in California fully accredited by the AACSB International.

University of San Francisco has an MA in Sports Management. It requires Bachelor's with GPA 2.75 and no GRE/GMAT. It's 23 months though, which seems REALLY long; however, they do stress that their students get on average 1100 hours of internship.

Another one is fairly new. UCR Extension is partnering with the UEM Real Madrid Graduate School in Spain, to offer an MBA in Sports Management. It's said to have ties with the Real Madrid Football club, I don't know though. It's 15 months, 9 of the which is taught at UCR, the other 6 online by faculties at UEM. So the catch is that you can work while getting the degree. It requires a Bachelor's and no GRE/GMAT. It's about $30,000 the last time I checked.

The other ones are easy to find on their school's sites, but UCR Extension has been updating their websites recently so I'm attaching their program flyer's link here:



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