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MPH after earning an MPA?


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I've been lurking here for a while and would really appreciate any advice. I just wrapped up my first year of a two-year MPA program at a very low-tier state school. My reasons for going here/staying are a little TL;DR but I just would like some advice from MPH students with previous master's or who know people who came in with another master's and what their stories are. My goal is to earn a Public Policy PhD but I feel wholly unprepared for this type of extensive coursework, which is my reason for wanting an MPH specializing in health policy. This joke of a master's program is really just an extension of undergrad and I don't feel I'd be prepared for doctoral-level study. I'm wondering if it would be a waste of time to get a second master's at a better school and would an MPA hurt my chances of even getting in?

Any advice would be great!

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If you're interested in a PhD and a career in research/academia in the realm of health policy, you may want to look into a MS degree through a school of public health (rather than another professional degree). I believe a number of universities offer MS degrees in "health services research," which would give you a research methods/analysis foundation. I'm just speculating here, but it might be easier to find funding opportunities (fellowships, assistantships, etc) in a research-oriented program than in a professional degree program.

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