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Looking for someone who can provide feedback on a Qualitative Study Proposal (20 pages, CQR design)

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I really need to find someone who knows about Consensual Qualitative Research to look over a 20 page proposal I wrote and give me some feedback.

I have general as well as specific questions, like in regards to how I described the research method and addressed issues related to validity, as well as citation related questions and data analysis steps.

I don't know what I could do in return but I would be willing to work for it; I could edit some other paper or provide some other service... we can work it out. It is in the field of Counseling Psychology and in APA format.

Thank you!!

PS. Do you know of any sites where grad students exchange papers for editing/feedback and discuss their writing projects as they go, hopefully with others knowledgeable in their field??

PPS. I'm posting this in here and in Writing; not sure which one it belongs in but I am going to check back in a little bit and if anyone tells me it belongs in one forum over another I'll delete the other post.

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