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PhD in urban policy

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Dear all,

I am a masters in public policy with a undergrad degree in economics. I am desirous of applying for a Phd in public policy specializing in urban policy issues (in 2013). I have had worked in research profiles before and currently I am working with national level ministries responsible for urban development, urban housing and poverty alleviation.

My queries are as follows and would be great to hear from those who can enlighten me on this

1. If I could be suggested good/premier schools and universities that are known for their work (academic research, practice or both) for issues relating to land use, urban transport and/or both and interaction between them and thus the myriad of issues relating to them including sustainable transport, value capture, urban financing and so on. Would be great if I could be suggested schools across America and Europe but other good institutins across other geographies will be good to know too.

2. How much GPA (out of 5) is considered to be a good GPA for a PhD in public policy

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I can't help much with the first question, but I would suggets you look at U.S. Rankings for programs in public policy and then look at the programs that offer what you are interested in. Minimum GPA is 3.0 out of 4.0 for PhD programs.

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