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We Have to talk about TUM


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Hello guys,

I'm trying to get in touch with anyone who's applied to the Technical University of Munich, (especially those who are still waiting like I am)

maybe if we can get some statistics about the applicants, when they applied, and to what programs, we can estimate the reply date !

personally, I have applied for the Computational Science and Engineering - winter 2012

that was on 21st of march

honestly, I check the website and my email like 50 times a day, it's sooo frustrating !

what drives me crazy the most is the status, it goes like this

(OK) Application Received

(OK) Study Requirements Fullfilled

( ? ) Qualificaiton Requirements Fullfilled

( ? ) Admitted

( - ) Fees paid

( - ) enrolled

where ( - ) & ( ? ) means unknown !!

anyone knows of the period it takes to have one more "OK" or even "X" in my application ?

or at least share some link to get in touch with people applied to the same uni ??


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