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No really, it should not take this long.


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So I applied to Iowa State University on 3/28/2012--their application deadline was 4/1/2012. I also applied to CU Boulder on 2/26/2012--their application deadline was 3/1/2012. I applied to their structural engineering MS programs. I kind of understand ISU--BUT WTF CU BOULDER. I just don't get it. Having applied so late, most of their slots should have already been filled. The remaining slots--if any--should be fairly easy to fill on their part. They must want to fill their roster so just do it. I'm confused. Well, gotta go--Meth don't cook itself.

Nothing takes 2 months to process. This is uber ridiculous.

P.S: I don't really do meth--I'm black.

P.P.S: If you read this, you must say something pertinent to my situation.

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Since I read the PPS.....things could take 2+ months to process -- the first school I applied to (Dec 1 deadline) was the last school I heard from (Feb 25 or so). Also, they might have made a decision to waitlist so they could be waiting on another student to decide before either giving you the spot or rejecting you outright. Some schools also will never reject anyone, just leave you in limbo forever. I wish they wouldn't do that and that they inform students of waitlist status, but there's nothing you can really do unfortunately.

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Well well, I agree with @CHOCTICK, but with a littel tweak. "Nothing SHOULD take to months to process". I'm really at the edge of desperation Applied to TUM on 21st March and still got no answer until now !

I mean what the hell, the deadline is 31st March !!

to top it off, my application was an online form, so they have all the data digitized,

oooooooohhhhhhhh, Im board of this (back to playing StarCraft II :P)

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