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Improving my chances for Masters in CS Admission


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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to pursue a more professional-oriented Masters in CS. There are a few that fit the bill around here (upper midwest).

Example of the type of degree I would like to pursue: http://www.cs.umn.ed...degrees/mcs.php

I currently hold 2 degrees (B.A. History from U of Minnesota, 3.67 GPA; and B.S. Computer Science, Math minor, 3.92 GPA from a Wisconsin state school that isn't Madison). I don't have much academic research experience but do have 2-3 years of "real-world" experience (not sure if that helps or hurts).

I know I could get at least 2 outstanding LoR's and 1 decent one from my CS/Math degree.

This site seems more geared towards the PhD side of things, so I was wondering if anyone would have some advice for this path. I am just looking fro some ideas on how I could improve my chances for admission.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any more info from me (I haven't taken the GRE's yet, but plan on doing so this summer).

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