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We are an independent film production based in Italy and we are currently hiring actors and filmmakers to join our next docu-film about house parties. We are offering a paid position for 5/10 people spread all over the world to organize and shoot with your phone your own house party.

It’s an experimental project of “remote” direction, as you’ll be acting as hosts/narrators and you’ll be also shooting in a straight and unsophisticated manner. You are allowed to get other people to join you, we may also consider couples or small groups such as music bands.

We are looking for people confident with self-shooting (Vlogging). We are interested in genuine and uncomplicated locations; simple yet entertaining scenes of real life in recreational situations. We would like to see you and your guests getting: excited, surprised, thoughtful, embarrassed, suspicious, relieved…

You may organize a variety of activities at your party. We are particularly interested in strategy games such as Mafia/Werewolf or Treasure hunts, where the party members team up and bring the social interaction to an advanced level. Other traditional party games that may suit the purpose of the documentary could be: Truth or dare, Scruples, Botticelli, Charades, White elephant gift exchange…

In order to apply visit our website http://www.seenfilm.com/agoodreason/ where you’ll find additional information and submission standards.

If your submission meets our requirements, we’ll discuss further details and adjustments. Please apply only if you feel confident with the project, we are looking forward to watching your videos and hearing your ideas.


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