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Hi folks. I am new to this forum and have only recently begun considering applying for a Fulbright ETA. I am currently a graduate student (MFA creative writing) and work as a TA as well as teach during my summers. In short, education is my passion (as well as travel!), so this program would be an ideal fit for me.

Only problem is that I am 30. Most of the info that I am finding caps the age at 30 (or below 30) and, while I won't turn 31 until next April, I'm wondering if this pretty much means I don't have a shot. Obviously I don't want to go through the whole process if there is no point, but I wouldn't mind trying if this wasn't an absolute bar to eligibility. Does anyone know if Fulbright ever awards ETAs to applicants 30 or above? Despite my elderly age, I'm still relatively agile :P

Any info would be great! Thank you!

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You have to research the country, but yes, they do. Some require that you don't have dependents. Others may have an age limit. But in general most will take applicants at any age. Finding the right country is the most important part.

Good luck!

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