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Best Pre-PhD Masters in Economics


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What are the best Masters programs to help with admission to top US Econ PhD programs?

Briefly, I graduated in 2010 from a top-25 US university with a BA in Econ, some math (diff eq., analysis but no linear), good grades (3.9/4.0), but no research experience and no strong relationships with profs. I'm working at an economic consulting firm now but am hoping to go back to school to get an econ PhD. Given my lack of research experience, weak recs, and weak math background, I'm planning on applying to a master's program in the fall (to start in fall 2013).

RIght now I'm just trying to figure out where I should apply, with an eye towards programs which will give me the best chance at getting into a top PhD program. Based on what I've found so far, here's my list, roughly in order of the quality of the programs:

LSE EME (then MSc Econ)



Barcelona GSE

U of Toronto


Do people agree with this list and the rough order or am I way off? Any good PhD-feeder programs that are missing from my list that I should consider?

FWIW, my personal interests are mostly in macroeconomics, monetary policy, econometrics, and financial markets.

Lastly, I have one slightly more specific question regarding recs. For one-year masters programs, what's the process for getting recs from your professors? Do you just have to try to get to know them in the first few weeks and ask for a rec shortly thereafter?

Thanks all in advance for your help/responses.

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