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Retaking GRE, send old scores quickly after if new scores are lower?


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I took the GRE five years ago and well enough (720Q/570V/5.5AW), but I want to retake it to have newer, hopefully better scores to open up doors to more funding. I'm currently in the Peace Corps in Ukraine and I'll be taking it here this summer. Is there any way that I could take the test (it's the computer test), see the score, and if it is lower then my old score go quickly send in my old score reports to schools before my new scores are processed? I'm just worried that my five years out of school brain will fail me.

If this is just a dream I am creating in my head, I saw recently that someone posted that starting this summer you can choose to only have your highest scores sent. Is there truth to that?

Thanks for the help!

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I don't know about the pick and choose routine.

I DO know that scores expire after 5 years. Gone. Vanished. As if you never took the exam.

My scores "expired" and was forced into a retaking the exam. I got the same raw score but my percentiles wiggled a bit.

For what it's worth, depending on what type of program you are applying for, your scores will not knock you out of the running as they stand now.

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The GRE has just introduced a score select feature (like score choice on the SAT); starting in July, you will indeed be able to decide which test scores to send. You will have to send an entire date at a time -- you can't send individual sections -- but yes, you can send only the highest score. There are some details about what you can do when (and how much it will cost you). The official ETS description is here: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/about/scoreselect

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Thanks for the help. Too bad you can't choose individual sections! I guess if I completely bomb the test in August then I'll run to the nearest computer and attempt to send my old scores in just for kicks, hah.

I'm retaking the test based on an adviser telling me that schools will frown on old scores, the fact that the scores will expire before some applications are even accepted, and another PC friend saying she thinks she received funding offers mostly based on her high GRE scores. And coming out of Peace Corps, the highest paying position in the world, I definitely need some help in the dolla dolla billz department. Wish me luck!

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In my opinion, schools don't look down on old scores, ETS does. The only reason they expire is because it brings ETS more money. Your scores are good as is. I won't try to dissuade you from taking the newer test, but I got into the top program in my field based on 3 year old GRE scores--it didn't seem to hurt, but I suppose I don't know what the internal deliberations were. You could contact some prospective departments and find out what the student adviser thinks too--my bet is most would tell you don't bother to retake, just send the old scores now before ETS deletes them.

PS, good on you for taking time to Peace Corps.

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