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Hey everybody,

I'm an international student experiencing the agony of waiting for admission decisions from grad schools. I have been admitted to the only Linguistics program I had applied to (Northwestern) but I am awaiting results from the Psychology Depts of Berkeley and Minnesota (twin cities). I have also applied to the Behavior, Brain and Cognition psychology dept of Washington University in St. Louis. Could anybody tell me if these depts have released their first round of offers yet? OSU has and I was rejected at the first instance but some professors who were interested in my application nominated me for some other funds and those results will be out on the 10th of March. Could you also tell me how the cognitive research at these places rank according to you? (my research interests are language (semantics/pragmatics..evolution of language, etc) and music cognition and the parallels between language and music)


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As you can see from my signature, I've been rejected by WUSTL and Minnesota Psychology. Now what's left are: McGill Psychology, McMaster Psychology (which I think I'l be admitted into because of a positive mail from the prof after reading my application), OSU Psychology (awaiting funding decision), Minnesota Cog Sc new phd program (results will come by mar 15) and UCD Psychology. How would you rank these places? Also compare them to the NU offer that I have.. My research interest is music cognition. That way McMaster and UCD look the best to me but the funding situation is of utmost importance to me as I'll be bringing along my future spouse (we intend to get married this June before grad school). So if you have an idea about the funding standards at these places, do reply and let me know how you would rank these programs. Thanks!

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