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Deciding on Phd


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I am having few confusions on making decision for Phd.

My Profile

-- B.Tech (Electronics and Communication) : Univ. in Maharashtra, India. (CGPA 8.5/10)

-- M.Tech (Telecommunication): IIT Kharagpur , India (CGPA 8.78/10)

Academic research experience but no publications

-- Experience: 1 yr 7 months ( non Research Exp)

-- Not yet appeared for GRE/TOEFL

Can you please help me on following doubts

1. What is decent score required for GRE/TOEFL which should not prevent me to get into good university

2. Should I select European over US university because of its length of Phd program? But, I am not sure about the quality of European Phd. Rather, I am more interested in Research work that course work, so in that case where does European Phd stands.

3. I am not having very strong academic records not even publications; will this affect my Phd prospect?

at what extend my current industry (non research) experience will be useful?

4. Is it a good idea to get some teaching or research experience before I start applying to Phd?

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This is the wrong sub-forum for this post. If you want good responses, you may wish to repost this in one of the more relevant threads, or read the existing threads going through similar scenarios and questions to yours.

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