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DPhil/PhD: The importance of Excellent Master's Thesis Grades! Please help!


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Hi all!

I'm desperate! I have 3 days to decide whether to postpone my graduation until the end of the year, or graduate this spring. I'll be graduating as MSc in Philosophy from a European (non-UK) university, and already possess a BSc in Philosophy (minoring in IR and Pol-Sci).

My BSc coursework average and thesis both were First Class Honors. (i.e. in my Major. In my Minor subject I averaged Upper Second)

My MSc coursework average is First Class (with my minor Upper 2nd).

My MSc Thesis is only Upper Second.

I can withdraw my thesis before I graduate, but I have several huge reasons why I should graduate this spring.

I aspire for DPhil/PhD studentship in any of the well-known universities in Philosophy or International Relations, that is LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, McGill, Harvard, Berkeley, etc....

Assuming I'll make a strong research proposal, with excellent references, academic and extra-curricula achievements, do you think my 'ok' MSc grade will be a big hindrance???

I have no idea how important the Master's thesis grade is, and I keep hearing conflicting opinions all the time. I'd like to hear from someone I don't know personally. Any experiences, where someone with an Upper 2nd/2:1 Master's thesis made it to one of these universities?

I'd welcome any constructive comments you may have on this!! And I wish you all good luck with whatever your aspirations are! May we all realize our dreams!! :)

- Dreamy Snufkin -

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