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How to write Psych Statement of Purpose if I didn't major in Psych as undergrad?

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I'm just beginning the application process to PHD programs for psychology. Because I did not major in psych as an undergrad, I am having trouble deciding what to include/exclude in my statement of purpose.

I know that the statement is supposed to refer more to my academic achievements and goals, rather than personal anecdotes about why I'm interested in psych.

However, because I'm very interested in studying comparative/animal psych as a grad student, I took many other (anthro, soc, etc) classes that I feel count towards my psychology studies. For ex, even though they did not count as Psych credits, they focused heavily on human and animal behavior/bio/psych. I incorporated them into my final senior thesis on human vs. animal behavior. I was also involved in an internship working with chimpanzees which provided college credits in Primatology. I

These examples really aren't a stretch-- I have always tried to incorperate psych into my curriculum and my life.

How can I show this to the committee without sounding too anecdotal, personal, inexperienced, etc?

Should I discuss why I chose to major in Social Sciences rather than Psychology?

Does anyone have advice on applying to grad school for psych if you didn't major in it as an undergrad?

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I am not sure I agree with your premise. Your SOP isn't merely a reference to your academic achievements (your resume and transcripts do this) and goals.

Your SOP should tell an Ad Com why you chose their program to apply to - who you might like to work for, and how your research interests line up with the schools. It's completely appropriate to make a brief and compelling case for how your academic background relates to applying for a PhD in psych. In your case it might be a mistake to avoid it.

Read some good SOPs and adopt the habits - tuned to your own story:

1. Keep it engaging and to the point

2. Avoid hyperbole and flowery language - use facts and direct statements

3. Balance the paper with specific examples for each school by referring to their program, POIs, and a little bit about how their research interests you (caution here not to over-reach and get causght with bad facts, etc.)

I am not a psych person - but I thought I saw that Psych is one area where it's common for PhD programs to ask for the GRE subject exam in psych. True? Are you planning to do that? Even for schools that don't require it, a high score on this test might help your case.

Strong LORs that address your abilities to do graduate work and conduct research would help bolster your case. Spend time getting strong LORs.

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