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Graduate admission into The University of Georgia (UGA)


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I got an e-mail from the graduate coordinator of The University of Georgia.The e-mail is

"Dear Robayet,

Our offers are made on a rolling basis to top ranked applicants, continuing through the Spring semester. Applications are kept on hold until an offer is made or until our incoming class positions are filled. We have not yet filled our class roster, so your application is still on hold. I know that is not a very specific or satisfactory answer, but it's really all I can tell you right now. Best of luck to you,"

The program is PhD in Pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.

I have a friend who has been already offered from the same program of the UGA.He got the offer in mid February.But still I did not get so.

I got another e-mail from the grad coordinator of UGA.She said that

"Dear Robayet,

The committee has forwarded their recommendation to the gradate school, but a final decision will come from their office. I cannot give you any more information at this time.

Best wishes "

Is it a positive sign ? Is there any hope yet ?

What should I do now ? Because It's May now. Most of the universities have finished their works.But still I did not any result.

Please, I eagerly seek your valuable attention from this forum.

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Usually the second email is a good sign because in most schools, the department/committee can only recommend students for admission while the graduate school will review your documentation and make the official offer. However, this is usually a formality -- unless there was a mistake on your application form, everything should be fine, just slow -- sometimes this doesn't happen until June.

However, usually the second email does have more information, such as a contact person to talk to, an offer to visit the school (but maybe not in this case because of the rolling admissions and/or international status), funding information, TA/RA workload and other information provided to incoming graduate students.

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I don't want to give too much advice without knowing all the details. Sometimes I find it easier if I ask the department graduate coordinator the questions, and whatever they can't answer, they forward onto the Graduate Office and it seems like the grad offices tend to respond to internal emails faster than emails from students.

But your department seems to clearly say that they can't help you any further at this point, which is too bad. I guess a phone call can't really hurt you, but it might not be that helpful either. How long have you been waiting since the 2nd email?

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Actually I have been waiting since 16th May.On this date, I received the e-mail containing the message (dep sent recommendation to the grad school). Moreover, the grad school website has not updated my application status.

I made phone call to the dep. & they denied to tell anything about admission and suggested to talk to grad school.Then I talked to grad school .The office told me that a notification letter has been sent to me which might arrive in Bangladesh within coming 2 weeks.

I assume , I have been denied for the admission.I am totally depressed.

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