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Kaplan 2013 Book - for 2012?


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I was about to order the Kaplan 2011-2012 book on Amazon, but saw that there is a new (2013) Kaplan book that will be published in a week.

I'm taking the GRE test in the summer or fall of this year, 2012 - so just wanted to check: could either book differ significantly, or probably better just to get the new 2013 book since it *might* be better?

Thanks guys!

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I have no clue but honestly its just a cash grab. These companies are disgusting money hungry animals and will do anything to steal your cash so I would say stick with the older books.

I took the GREs back in 2010 and used the Princeton Review general book. The "revised" 2012 Princeton Review book has a handful of errors and is exactly the same thing w the exception of a few sections removed and added to accommodate for the new test.

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In the many, many years that I've been tutoring GRE/GMAT, what I've noticed is that the big publishers change very little (if any) of the content inside the covers. The only thing that seems to change each year is the glossy photo of a student wearing a look of utter rapture while perched over a GRE book.

With Kaplan 2012, I found the book seriously lacking. I highly doubt any improvements/changes will be made. Indeed, though this might sound somewhat cynical, I doubt Kaplan 2016 GRE will be much different from the 2012 book.

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