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I am just wondering what this sentence means?

Option 1: A letter from your bank in your own name with the exact amount of the balance(s) in your account(s) on the date it is written. The

Personal Funds - Readily available liquid funds only in checking, savings or money market accounts or certificates of deposit (time deposits) that mature in less than one year.

balance(s) must be sufficient to meet your expenses for the first year of your studies. The letter must be dated within the past 3 months.

Is it enough that my bank sends a letter which says that I have no problem to pay for xx dollar in the next year?

To be honest I do not feel that good sending them my whole account information....


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When I was applying for a UK student visa last year, one of the things I used as proof of funds was a dated letter from my bank on official letterhead stating that I had X amount of cash in my account and had kept it there for the requisite three months.

I presume you're talking about US visas so it might be slightly different, but the UK border agency had no problem accepting a letter rather than bank statements.

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