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Hi there,

I'm writing to ask about how a LSHTM PhD is perceived in the US? In addition, would I even be considered for a postdoc or (dare I say it) faculty position in a sociology or other NON health department anywhere?

Like many in these forums, I've been on a roller coaster during the apps cycle for fall 2012 entry. I applied to mostly sociology programs in the US (I'm of a non-sociology background) and didn't gain admission to any (for reasons that in hindsight are all too apparent!) I have offers from interdisciplinary programs at UW Madison, Oxford and LSE (unfunded), and a statistics masters at UPenn (funded). I've decided that funding will be the determinant of where to go, so right now its between Penn (masters) and quite possibly, LSHTM for a PhD in Public Health / Policy dept. I'd have to make a decision this week. If LSHTM doesn't come through, I'd def. head to Philly and re-apply for Soci. programs for fall 2013.

The LSHTM project is a specific topic chosen by PIs already and is v interdisciplinary, catering to all of my interests in gender, migration, behavioral science and health. The program would involve taking some political science courses at a neighboring London university. In that program, I'd try to take coursework in demography / statistics, that could be applied in non-health work.

My dilemma is that I do not want to be "pigeonholed" in health so to speak, which I fear that a PhD from a health school would do, regardless of whether the actual content of the work was highly interdisciplinary.

My questions (to you knowledgable public health folks) are:

1. Is a LSHTM degree well-perceived in the US?

2. Would a degree in public health limit my options in a sociology or development studies department, in the US or the UK?

LSHTM is v appealing on account of funding, time to degree (3 years) and broad fit right now, but I'm trying to get some perspective on how the decision to take the PhD there will affect future opportunities in the US and elsewhere in the non-health world.

Thanks in advance for any insights folks, much appreciated.

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