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What is the Religion of a Sociologist?


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According to Sociology, Man created God. The knowledge of sociology does not turn us into Atheists. We change into people who look into religion in an objective and pragmatic perspective. Do you know any word that can describe this kind of religion?

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I don't get what you're asking. What is "this kind of religion"? Describe what kind of religion? You're making it sound as if there is some ritual/religious tendencies in the way sociologists study religion.

edit: I'd also like to chime in on the notion of "the study of sociology doesn't turn us into atheists"....wouldn't it be "the study of sociology doesn't turn us back into atheists"

I'd be surprised if anyone was born as a theist. Religion is socially constructed and, if anything, it would seem that through acquiring knowledge of the socialization process (and perhaps knowledge of other religions or an expanded world view) we can then reflect on how and when we were indoctrinated and, at that point, we might "undo" the indoctrination (or become more critical of belief systems).

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