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Caribbean Studies 2013

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I know it's way way before application time starts getting serious, but I'm a little antsy, so I thought I'd start a thread. I actually haven't seen one that interested in this topic before, so maybe there are also other people that have been haunting the boards with similar interests.

I'm currently trained in interdisciplinary studies (Africana Studies) and African diasporic/Caribbean history, with a really strong focus on theory and methodology. I'm currently working on research for a senior thesis that's going to use methods from history, political thought, art history, and gender/sexuality studies. I'm thinking about a unique topic in French Caribbean history, focused very much on the line between emancipation and freedom, and also very tied to state formation. Right now, I'm looking at Brown (Africana Studies), Vanderbilt (English), and Duke (History/Romance Studies), but after that it gets a lot more fuzzy as to where might be most worth applying. Any suggestions?

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You should also look into NYU's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Although the site lists an officia MA and not a PhD, their professors are associated with departments around the university.

Also, Duke-UNC has an excellent consortium on Latin American and Caribbean studies. The group hosts many programs during the year, albeit most are geared more towards Latin Americanists than Caribbeanists.

You may also want to look at the Caribbean Studies Association at http://www.caribbeanstudiesassociation.org/. They state that more than 50% of their membership comes from scholars/students in the United States. T

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