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Philosophy Radio Show

Hank Scorpio

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Hey, all-

Just thought I'd do a bit of quick promo on here. :)

Every Sunday night I do a philosophy radio show on the local campus radio station, but it also broadcasts online as a stream. So, if anyone is interested in tuning in, the show airs from 6pm-7pm Eastern Standard Time. The website is http://chsrfm.ca

It's a pretty fun show, and we cover a wide array of topics. We've done Marx and pornography, philosophy in education, Hume and causation, etc. Next Sunday we're interviewing a determinist, and the week after, someone who believes in free will.

Also, if anyone on here is interested in being on the show, we can do over-the-phone guests as well. So if someone wants to come on the show to talk about their research (or any other topic), let me know!


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