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How Much Does It Matter?


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So, I'm a student at the University of Houston with a declared major in Anthropology and a minor in Religious Studies. I'm applying for Fall 2013 in Religious Studies grad programs.

My question is: Some of my potential schools require proficiency exams in either French or German in order to receive the M.A. and then other languages pertinent to the individual's field of study (in my case, Hebrew or Aramaic) for the PhD. I have completed 2 years of university-level French and could declare a double minor in French. If I did that, instead of graduating December 2012, I'd be graduating May 2013.

How much would a French minor help in either getting admitted or the proficiency exam? Would it help at all after I graduate (besides being totally fluent)?

Any thoughts?

I've already e-mailed my grad schools asking the same question and have yet to hear back from them.

Thanks for the help, guys... I'm a bit lost and overwhelmed at this particular point.

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