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Geography, Demographics, Geology, Cartography?


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Hi. I'm a college freshman looking for advice concerning grad school. I'm sorry in advance that this is long and peobably confused, and I hope somebody still visits this forum, too:)

I was going to pursue a geography BA in the UK before I got senioritis and started applying to economics and land economy programs instead. Then personal circumstances ensued, which made studying in the US much more attractive. So now I'm at an LAC, one which unsurprisingly doesn't offer Geography, which at first I wasn't worried about, since when I did my Extended Essay in Geography, I absoslutely hated the research and having to plan everything alone, which made me decide that I hated Geography by extension. But now I've done a year in college with absolutely zero demographics, migration, Hoyt-Burgess model etc. exposure, and I realized that I really miss it!

So, I decided to major in geoscience with a minor in literature (to nurture the soul). I am by no means a hard sciences person, and whereas I love the fieldwork and the hands on approach of geoscience, I don't want to tie myself to analyzing rock fissures indefinitely.

I just have a couple questions regarding my plans, since the Geogeaphy route is one less travelled:

1) What are the differences in employment prospects between the four fields in the title?

2) What are the requirements to enter into a competitive geography/demographics program? What majors do they prefer? What coursework is necessary? What kind of research experience would I need?

3) My dad says cartography is really employable. Is it? I like GIS so I would consider this option

4) is it worth transferring to a slightly more selective college that does offer Geography as a BA? As in, can I get a job with a Geography BA? I know with an English one I could

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