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hey...i applied for MS in petroleum for the fall some months bck n still waiting for their answer. i got a mail though about they being evaluating the profiles way back in april. Is there any1 with same situation. Words from already admitted will be highly appreciated. Thanx

My Profile

GPA : 3.2

GRE 308 (V=152 Q=156 A=3.5)

IELTS : 7.5

Relevant Work Ex. = 8 months

Do i have any chance. I know i have a very good chance in USC. But I really want this college.

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finally...it has boiled down to this point...USC vs Uni of western australia...its hard to pick now..i do like UWA bcoz it is located in perth, oil capital of australia plus i find USC expensive. To be candid, i am really confused and upset right now bcoz my hopes of uni of houston just got shattered. What to do?..which college to choose now..!!

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congrats for ur acceptance to USC....is it hard to get into USC? that is a great accomplishment... i am so envy of you....i did not apply USC........actually UH is not that good for petroleum....the petroleum program has just opened in 2009 for BSc...you know when something is new, quality can not really trusted..it is just a normal school, not really ranked on top petroleum schools...the research page is still blank....it is just convenience in Houston

UWA is also great.....i am sure you maybe able to get a job after graduating from UWA cause Perth is where the industry is....

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