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MPP/MPA programs with international focus

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I plan to apply to a mix of MPP/MPA and IR programs this coming application cycle, though I think a MPP or MPA degree would leave me with slightly broader options post-graduation. I'm trying to identify MPP/MPA programs with a strong background in international policy. I haven't looked too hard, but so far my options seem to be only HKS and WWS. Are there any other programs that I'm missing?

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Well, I think I can give a little bit of visibility into this as I went through the same search.

Other people may know more but here are some of the ones I know of:

Harvard, especially with MPA/ID focus.

Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

Johns Hopkins School of Advanaced International Studies (SAIS)- This is rated higher than the first two and definitely is tier one for international.

Stanford University

University of California San Diego

London School of Economics MPA or Masters in IR (Also has a dual degree program with Columbia SIPA's MPA/MIA).

I'm sure there are much more but keep up your search. The ones I named are definitely some of the well known and quality ones, but there are a few more that escape me.

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