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University of Toronto MSW Waitlist

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Hi Stephanie,

I have been following this forum for 2 years, but had never signed up. I applied to U of T's and York's MSW programs last year (for September 2011 start) and I was rejected from York and wait-listed at U of T. At that time, I had minimal experience (compared to other applicants posting on here) in the field and was actually pleasantly surpised that I got accepted to U of T's wait-list. In the end, I was not accepted to either program.

In the past year, I obtained some more volunteer experience (however limited due to the fact that I have to work full-time as well) in hopes that I would receive admission to U of T's program. I was placed on the wait-list again despite meeting with faculty members prior to applying who seemed quite optimistic that I would receive admission. I spoke to someone I had met with and was told that this year was their most competitive year with apparently over 1,000 applicants and only 140 spots. Getting accepted to the wait-list apparently means they really do want you in the program. We just need to spice up our apps so that they stand out in those 200 (or so) applications that made it to the top.

This year, I plan on working towards a drastic improvement of my application. Last year was proof to me that small changes will not suffice (this is also advice for you :) ). I no longer look at being wait-listed twice as a burden or hardship. The admissions committee knows exactly what we need to succeed in the program in terms of completing the work and obtaining valuable experience in practicum placements. I also want to go in having as much knowledge and experience as I can so I can be an active part of the program and stand out in the class. Another year of gaining valuable experience will not hurt us...it will only further contribute to our being well-rounded social work professionals in the future...not to mention the networking! :D

Keep your head high...start looking for awesome and exciting opportunities! If you do not receive an offer of admission this year, I hope to see you in the class of 2013!!! I am certainly not giving up!

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