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US visa/I-20 advice

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I recently received an MSE offer from Michigan and I'm waiting for my I-20 to be posted. It should be finished this Thursday (July 5th) and so I should receive my packet in the post early next week.

Can anyone tell me exactly what is in this packet? And what the next steps are once I receive it? Are there any items I should be preparing in advance i.e. passport photos, transcripts etc?

Thanks for any info!

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It is difficult to tell you exactly what is in the packet because it may be different from one school to another. However, I think it is most likely that you will receive the I-20 and some documents detailing your school's instructions for newly admitted students, for example the next steps you need to do to apply for a Visa, your arrival at the university, health insurance, etc. So with that packet in hands, you will know the next things you need to do, among which the most crucial one is to secure a Visa.

And yes, you may want to start getting your passport, transcripts, and financial proof ready for your Visa application. Everything related to this process you can easily find on the UK-based US embassy's website.

Good luck!


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