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profile of economics qualified for what university?


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I intend to apply for Ph.D in economics or agricultural economics as well next 2012 fall. I really appreciate your suggestion.

Here is my profile:

+ Undergrad: Investment economics (not from famous university);

+ 2 year experience in securities company

+ Pass CFA level 1

Master (expected graduate: May, 2012): Major in Agricultural economics, Mississippi state university.

- Expected GPA: 4.0.

- GRE: 1180. TOEFL: 84. Research Assistant.

- Papers: I have to wait until the end of this semester but my professor thinks that I can have 2 journals from my thesis.

- Interests: risk analysis, econometrics, simulation (my thesis uses several types of simulation)

- Can use Mathlab, SAS.

Thank you

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What is your math GRE score? What math classes have you had? Why is somebody interested in investment and risk analysis interested in applying to an ag econ program? (I mean this sincerely - is there some ag/enviro econ stuff that interests you?)

What's "Mathlab"? Do you mean Matlab?

What's the topic of your research paper?

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My quantitative is 730. Yes, I meant Matlab (sorry for the typo). Agricultural economics actually do not involve anything to agriculture. They call it agricultural economics because some researches are risk study based on insurance products for farmers. Environmental economics is also in this department

My topic's research is about using simulation to evaluate risk that farmers take on. I took 2 classes of maths in undergrad school: linear algebra and calculus and 1 class of math in economics in master program. Otherwise, I also took courses of econometrics, micro and macro economics and will take game theory course this fall.

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You may want to check out the URCH (Test Magic) forum for econ PhDs here: http://www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/ for much more discussion of econ PhDs.

As you know, 730Q (71 Percentile) is marginal for many econ programs, but would not likely rule you out if you have other good stuff (LORs, SOP, research experience, etc.)

You will find in the admission results/profiles that most econ PhDs require more math... see the URCH threads on this. Typically a 3-semester sequence in calc (differential, integral, multivariate), linear algebra, and Real Analysis. Diff Eqs. is a plus. On top of that some more stats (from the math dept.)Unless you have taken some tough masters classes like micro theory where you use a text like Mas-Colell, etc. "More Math" is not just important for admissions, but to succeed in top 30 programs.

My understanding is that many Ag Econ programs and Enviro Econ programs have easier admission standards. I know from my own experience that Ohio State has a much tough standard in their regular econ program than their AED program (even though in the first year most students are take many of the same courses). My friend at Rhode Islands Enviro econ PhD program (we got our Econ Masters together at another school) was not admitted to most of the regular econ program he applied to due to his math preparation and GRE.

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Thanks for your advice. I know two students finished master program in my department got assistantship from Columbia (Sustainable development) and North Carolina state (Ag.Econ). Do you know something about Sustainable development?

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