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MA in Theology -- high GRE, low GPA, what's a guy to do?

Seatbelt Blue

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I'm applying for my MA in Theology at a few schools, primarily Seton Hall and Fordham. I took the GRE a few weeks ago, and scored a 151 Q (48th %ile), 170 V (99th %ile), and 5.5 Writing. I have stellar letters of recommendation from my professors who taught me when I was at seminary. I scored a 4.0 GPA in seminary before I left. My MAT score is 450.

But my undergrad career is spotted as all get out. I gave not one crap for the first two years of college, and ended up getting an academic suspension. I skipped class all the time and my GPA went into the tubes. When I came back after a year, I got my act together, and dragged my GPA from a .8 to a 2.7, with a major GPA of 3.2. But my transcripts do show a bunch of F's early on, some of which I got replaced, but some of which are still there.

Further, I left seminary for personal reasons in the middle of my second semester, so my transcripts there will show a bunch of W's.

I'm super worried about my prospects. My interview at Seton Hall went very well -- and I explained all of this to the dean -- and she seemed optimistic, but Seton is my fallback school. Fordham is the ideal. So what's the deal?



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