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Stanford math - anyone know what's going on?


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I'm applying for math PhD programs this year, and Stanford has me a bit confused. A while ago they sent an e-mail to everyone telling us not to ask them questions like this, so I'm wondering if people here have any idea what's up, or would just like to wager a guess. Last Thursday or Friday (I forget which) they sent a whole bunch of rejections, and I didn't get one. Then today, there were some people who posted here about getting wait-listed, but I didn't get that either. Should I assume I'm out of the running at this point? It seems like they would have rejected me last week, but I don't want to get my hopes up when it's probably unwarranted.

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All I know for sure is that Stanford's open house weekend for math is March 6-7th (mentioned in the e-mail from Berkeley, since the schools go halfsies on travel costs if you get in to both). I think my friend said last year he got accepted to a program only a week before the visitation weekend, so it's at least possible you're on the edge of acceptance/waitlist, and they're still trying to decide. I wouldn't write them off completely, just keep in the mind the odds of something good happening at this point aren't that great.

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