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I have been thinking about grad school a lot over last few years of my undergrad career, but deadlines will soon be here since I graduate in December. I am not sure what concentration I want or where to go. I would like to work with the criminally insane at some point, so clinical is an option since it deals with abnormal behaviors, but I find neuropsychology extremely interesting and I am quite good at it. Does anyone have advice for what to major in? Also, since psych is such a common major it seems, most schools offer programs. How do you just pick a few to apply to?

Some background: I have a 3.7 (apprix 3.8 in actual psych classes) but with no laboratory experience.

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Hi there. You'll find more complete answers to your questions by checking older posts. Briefly, though, the best way to figure out what you're interested in is to think about what articles or course readings you've done in undergrad that are most exciting and interesting to you. Then, read more work by those authors to figure out if you're still as excited about their work and way of thinking as you originally felt. If yes, you're on the right track. Also, talk to grad students and professors at your school to ask them about researchers they'd recommend you check out.

And, if you think you're even remotely interested in pursuing a Ph.D. down the road, you should get involved with conducting or participating in research ASAP. Research experience is critical, as is completing methods and statistics courses. Experience can be gained in the form of working as a research assistant in a lab on an existing research project, completing an independent research project, and/or by completing a senior/honors thesis.

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